Using a mortgage broker for your investment property

Investing in property can be a great way to build your overall wealth as part of your long term financial goals.

This type of investment also requires a great deal of research. Myriad Finance can help do the research to help you secure the best loan in the marketplace leaving you free to focus on what is important and that is finding the right investment property.

Using a mortgage broker for obtaining your investment loan is a smart and easy step in the process.

There is no cost to you, it sits with the lenders. Myriad Finance will engage with the best lender on your behalf for the best outcome.

All the research is done for you in finding the most competitive deal

Your mortgage broker will organise all the paperwork and do all the running around for you.

You have time to concentrate on finding the right property for you

Myriad Finance has access to over 30 trusted lenders to make sure we get you the best deal

Use our calculators below to work out what you can afford. These calculators are only a guide.  To work out exactly what you can afford contact Myriad Finance