“When i see Val 3years ago i was completely stuck in the debts, personal loans, credit cards, borrowings from my friends, sign up contracts, over due bills, i was gone crazy i thought i wont be able to get out from this debts in this life time. but Val he is an unbelievably talented person. He helped me cut down all the un wanted expenses, gave me tips how to manage my debts what are the priorities, not to get more loans and borrow money from friends relations to cover another loan. He can see what i cant see. He as a professional he knows so much about in and out of the financial industry in this country. After good 3 years me and wife have paid all our debts we save up 10% of our house and last year December we moved into our new house. He didn’t stop there, Val set up a plan for us to payoff our mortgage within 5years its realistic i feel that we can do it. Moreover I’m as a chef Val helping me open up my own restaurant hopefully next year i will open up my own restaurant in the town. we working on those projects. we will not having this smooth relax life without his support. He is finance genius good friend good human been. Thank you Val. Nash~”